YouTube and its competition are under review

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Do you enjoy watching videos online or uploading and sharing your videos with other internet users? If you do, you will need to be aware of websites known as video sharing websites. These types of websites are the ones that allow internet users to watch the videos they have stored on their websites and often allow internet users, like you, to share their videos. When it comes to finding a video sharing website to use, you'll see that you have many different options.

One of the most popular and well-known video-sharing websites is YouTube. It's not uncommon for YouTube to be discussed at your school, work, or local news! Yes, that's how popular YouTube is. If you are interested in watching online videos, you will find that YouTube is your best chance to find what you are looking for, as an unlimited number of videos are hosted on their online website. Also, when you sign up for a free YouTube account, you should be able to rate the videos you watch, leave comments on the video page, or even discuss the video with other YouTube members.

If you have the desire to upload your videos to the internet, you can also achieve great success if you use YouTube. The reason for this is that the number of people who visit the site every day; there are many. No matter what kind of video you upload to YouTube, your video may receive hundreds or thousands of views. Exposure is one of the reasons for posting so many videos on YouTube. It's also important to mention easy to use, because uploading and sharing videos on YouTube is easy. All YouTube members are able to upload their videos by following the detailed instructions, step by step.

While YouTube is a great video-sharing website for watching a movie or uploading your own videos, you may be wondering about your alternatives. One of these other options is Grouper. The grouper is a video sharing website that allows internet users to view and share videos they may have created for themselves. The great thing about Grouper is that they have a huge collection of watchable videos and their upload process is also easy and self-explanatory. The only way to use Grouper, especially to share your videos is that they are known as YouTube. However, with that in mind, Grouper is an online video website that continues to grow in popularity.

Another well-known video sharing website is that of Google Video. Google Video is perfect for those who want to share their videos, as well as those who want to watch a large collection of videos. From the perspective of viewers, Google Video has the largest collection of videos currently available. In fact, they have popular music videos or television shows available. The only downside is that most of these music videos and television shows are not free; however, only a small one-time fee is required to view them. As with YouTube and Grouper, you can also upload your videos to Google, once you become a member of Google.

When it comes to deciding which video sharing website you would like to use, the decision is yours to make; however, you may want to consider testing these three. It doesn't matter which video hosting website you choose, you can be happy with your decision, because all three come highly rated and recommend.

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