High School Students: Why You Should Show Caution When Using YouTube

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Are you a high school student who enjoys using YouTube? You will not only enjoy watching videos on YouTube, but also like making and sharing your videos. Even if you're in high school, you can do that with YouTube, because YouTube allows those 13 and older to share their videos. While this may be fun to do, you need to show some caution when making your YouTube videos.

Show caution when making your YouTube videos? If you are wondering why you need to do so, without worrying about obvious security, you might be wondering why all of this is a concern. What you may not realize is that your online content, including your YouTube videos, can be viewed by those associated with your school. Those ideas may come from your friends, classmates, or school officials. That is why it is so important that you thoroughly review your YouTube video content and ensure that no harm may come to you in the future.

When it comes to YouTube video content to avoid, especially if you're a high school student, the most obvious are illegal activities. You don't want to have your video or your friends drink too much, use drugs, or commit another crime, no matter how small. As mentioned before, you never really know who will get your videos. By the way high schools and gossip work today, if one of your classmates found your video on YouTube they probably wouldn't keep that video; they will probably always share it with others they know.

Another type of video content you may want to avoid is offensive content to other students in your school. This type of content is most often featured in video blogs. Many internet users use video blogs to vent their frustrations or talk about their day. If you are a high school student, there is a good chance that you might want to talk about school, your friends, or your classmates. While this is very possible to do, you'll want to refuse to sound too awful or threatening. Although you might just joke, "I'm crazy I can kill him," it could be taken out of context in some context watching your YouTube video, whether it's a video clip or not.

As mentioned earlier, one of the many people who can finally watch your YouTube videos is with your classmates or school officials. While we would all like to believe that our classmates are cool, not everyone is happy. If one of your classmates finds a video on YouTube that they find offensive or really bad, they can report it to your school. Speaking of your school, your school officials may even find your YouTube videos, as many schools now use the Internet, ie social networking, to monitor their students and their activities. Having illegal activities recorded in your YouTube videos can spell trouble for you, in many ways than one.

When it comes to YouTube videos that perform illegal activities or threats posted on them, the results you encounter, if any, will all depend on the school district in question. It is not uncommon for school districts to stop students from being found to be engaged in illegal activities, even if such activities were not intended for school property. If you have to participate in extracurricular activities, including sports, you may find yourself suspended from all sports teams or other school-sponsored organizations, temporarily or permanently. In critical situations, such as when threats against other students are documented, it is not uncommon to be contacted by management.

As you can see, there are negative consequences of not thinking before making and sharing your videos on YouTube. All high school students, including you, are urged to think about your future, before using YouTube as a source of lively entertainment.

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